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Learning levels

GreenYou are on skis for the first time.

BlueYou glide and brake safely. You drive plow curves safely.

Red: You ski turns safely in parallel ski position on blue slopes.

Black: You master safe, parallel and rhythmic cornering.

For children's courses, there is usually a short pre-trip on the first day and then the children are divided into the respective learning levels. The self-grading at the time of booking is therefore not final, but it helps us a lot in organizing the course in advance.
Adult courses are usually graded according to self-grading.
A change of learning level is easily possible for both children's and adult courses if the required learning level can be offered.

A change to another course class is also possible during the course if the required learning level can be offered and the group sizes remain "within limits" due to the change.

We cannot give a 100% guarantee that all learning levels will always come to fruition. But in most cases this is the case. We offer the learning levels for a minimum of five participants.


We have been traveling with the bus company Autobus Oberbayern since last winter. Based in Munich, it is one of the largest bus companies in Germany. As a member of the Autobus Oberbayern Group with a total of around 750 employees and more than 280 vehicles, the company covers almost the entire spectrum of passenger transportation. In addition to scheduled, charter and special transport, it is Autobus Upper Bavaria also an expert in transport logistics for major events.

You can find all departure points here.

The exact departure times can be found in the tour schedule for each course.

We try to drive to all offered departure points. However, in the interest of the shortest possible transfer times, we try to limit the number of departures per bus to a maximum of 2. This is only possible if there are enough guests (approx. 20) per departure point. In this respect, we can unfortunately not guarantee any departure points.


The return is planned between 17:30 and 18:30 and is often heavily dependent on traffic. In the event of delays in the children's courses, we endeavor to inform all parents or contact persons of the delay in good time.

The journey takes approx. 1 - 2 hours.

In principle, the courses are scheduled to return to Munich at largely the same time. However, the course areas of the children's and adult courses are often different and the travel times of the buses always depend on many factors that we can only influence to a very limited extent. We are therefore unfortunately unable to guarantee a parallel return to Munich. If you have booked a course at the same time as your child, we recommend that you have a "Plan B" for picking up the children if your bus arrives significantly later. Of course, we will not leave any child standing alone at the departure point if there is a delay in picking them up.

We would even appreciate it if you travel to the departure points by public transport. You can find all the necessary information on the overview page of the Departure points.

The course operation is smoother and less error-prone for all guests if all guests use the bus transfer from/to Munich. In this respect, we can only arrange for guests to travel by themselves in justified exceptional cases. In such cases, the full course price must still be paid.


Unfortunately, on-site rental is not possible for organizational and logistical reasons. The equipment must be reserved in advance and picked up at a rental station near you and brought to the ski course.

Unfortunately, on-site rental is not possible for organizational and logistical reasons. The equipment must be reserved in advance and picked up at a rental station near you and brought to the ski course.

For our weekend short courses there is the possibility to rent skis on site in some areas. Please contact us well in advance of the start of the weekend course if you need to rent skis. But please keep in mind that this is always time consuming and may hold up the entire course. Thank you for your understanding.

In most cases yes. You will be informed in time if it should not work out.

In the children's courses we actively use the poles from the learning level red. However, if your child would like to take their poles with them on the green or blue learning level, they are welcome to do so. On some days, however, they may remain on the bus. For adult courses we already use poles from learning level green.

  • Ski: With standard-compliant and currently adjusted safety binding. For beginners, ski length up to chest height. For advanced skiers, ski length up to 10 cm and body height (tip of nose)!
  • Ski boots: By no means too big with a standard sole. It helps us if the children are already wearing the shoes at the departure point.
  • Ski helmet: Helmets are compulsory on our ski courses!
  • Clothing: Weatherproof, warm ski overall or ski pants with suspenders and anorak, gloves.
  • Backpack: Small rucksack for snacks (for the bus ride) and spare clothes.
  • Sunscreen: Please provide your child with sunscreen. For smaller children, we recommend applying the sunscreen beforehand.

We only actively use sticks from learning level red onwards. On the learning levels before that, the children are welcome to bring their poles with them, they may then remain on the bus on one day or another. Ski equipment and rucksacks must be labeled with your child's first and last name. Ideally with a waterproof pen, sticker or name tag.

Before the first day of the course, please have a specialist in the sports shop check the correct fit of the ski boots as well as the faultless function of the safety binding.


The cost of the ski pass for adult courses is between € 45.00 - € 60.00.

Depending on the hotel/season/ski area, additional costs of between € 180.00 - € 250.00 are to be expected.

There is no predetermined discount.

For courses where lunch and the ski pass are included, you will receive a pro rata refund of both services, provided that we have been informed in advance of the absence. For all other courses, we cannot grant a pro-rata refund. We recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance. This can be taken out at the time of booking via our homepage.

If you book a course via our homepage, you can take out an insurance policy via our partner insurance company Allianz. Travel Cancellation Insurance be completed.

Weather/Ski resorts

Normally, no courses are cancelled due to bad weather or unfavorable temperatures. Exceptions can always occur. You will be informed accordingly.

As a travel ski school we have the advantage that we can go where there are good snow conditions. This means either going to a glacier ski area, a higher altitude area or an area with snowmaking. So far, we have always been able to run our courses, even when it still looked green or already looked very green in some locations.

We select our ski resorts with great care, as they must meet numerous criteria:

  • Good and wide beginner terrain in the valley to avoid unnecessary lift rides
  • Sufficient offer of attractive slopes for the learning levels blue, red and black
  • Pleasant and good gastronomic offer
  • Fast accessibility
  • Reasonable lift ticket prices

With this in mind, our partner ski resorts are long-standing partners of the ski school program. Nevertheless, we are always testing new resorts and try to offer our guests variety. We currently travel to the following ski resorts (in alphabetical order):

  • Christlum
  • Ehrwald
  • Pitztal
  • St. Johann in Tyrol
  • Westendorf

Kindergarten courses

Whenever possible, we try to form the groups only of children from one kindergarten in order to create a familiar environment for the little ones. This works well in the vast majority of cases. In the higher learning levels (red, black), however, it is often the case that only very few children per kindergarten are already skiing so well. Here we then form - if necessary - groups from different kindergartens.

We always have lunch in an easily accessible restaurant in the ski area. This gives the children the opportunity to warm up and dry their clothes. The warm lunch is especially important on cold days and is a highlight of the day.

We take our kindergarten courses to the Sudelfeld ski resort near Bayrischzell.

Thanks to our annual training program and many years of experience, our ski instructors are particularly attuned to the needs of the "little ones". In addition, we equip our little guests with a distinctive and cheerful "Vivalpin Laiberl", which makes the children clearly visible even on a crowded slope.

Other/course operation

Six years for our regular children's courses and four years for kindergarten courses.

Children/youth under the age of 16 may only ride with an adult and children/youth 16 and older may only ride with the permission of a parent or guardian.

Most of the time there are few single rooms available. If the request for a single room is indicated when booking, we always try to accommodate all special requests. Most of the time this works, in some cases unfortunately not. However, there is always a single room surcharge to pay.

An individual final challenge is always planned for each course group on the final day.

We are happy to offer you a private ski instructor for your own personal course experience. There are two options:

a) You and the ski instructor travel to and from the ski resorts by bus on one of our courses.

b) You and the ski instructor agree on your own ski resort and you meet in Munich or at the ski resort. In this case you organize the journey yourself.

Just talk to us. We will gladly make you an offer.

We always take the kids to selected inns in the ski resorts, where we usually even get our own tables or even rooms reserved. There the children can also warm up and dry off and usually have a choice of different dishes and drinks.

As part of our risk management, all ski instructors are trained in accident prevention, but of course also in how to react to accidents. This includes securing the accident site, first aid and notifying the relevant emergency services in the event of a more serious accident. Please ensure that you have adequate personal insurance cover (health insurance, accident insurance) to cover any rescue and/or medical costs.

Ski school/ski instructor

All ski instructors at the Vivalpin Ski School have completed the Vivalpin Ski Academy's annual internal training program before they are allowed to lead and teach a group. This programme is recognized by the German Ski Instructors' Association (DSLV) as official further training and also serves as preparation for the association's internal ski instructor examinations.

Currently (as of winter 2022/23), almost all ski instructors have a DSLV qualification (state-certified ski instructor, ski instructor level 3, ski instructor level 2 and ski instructor level 1) in addition to their internal qualification.

The Vivalpin Ski School is a professional school in the German Ski Instructors Association and is therefore subject to strict quality management. This status also proves that the Vivalpin Ski School teaches according to the latest teaching methods of the German Ski Instructors Association. The German Ski Instructors Association is the professional association of state-recognized ski instructors in Germany. In addition to its status as a professional ski school, the Vivalpin Ski School has a full license for the market-leading kids on snow program, which ensures that children and youth courses are optimally designed. Building on this, at the Felix Neureuther Ski Academy we set further important accents to actively promote the development of children's skills.

Our ski school director, Max Pohl, is also an active instructor in the German Ski Instructors Association.

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